Why Adapt?

You have the music. The artist is amazing. Music videos are done and the tour is booked cancelled but it’ll come back!

Now you need to connect it all with an audience. 

So you get the publicist to go to the blogs (RIP most of them). Pitches are made for a post that might get seen, and if that goes well your radio promoter will have a bit more leverage, which can help the publicist for single number two and then your socials might go up and then you might get some more clicks on your vinyl pre-order and then…

Or we can just connect straight to your audience and measure exactly what happens.

Wait til you see what happens, when you stop doing things just to "see what happens."

The game changed and changed fast and it keeps changing. It’s hard to do everything you have to do as an artist, manager, or label and keep up. I know, because I spent years trying to do all of those jobs at once. 

Now I just want to do one job – connect artists to their fans through the best digital practices. 

The same tools used to make you wonder if your phone is listening to you, or to close the deal on that item you left in your shopping cart are available to us now. 

We can know how much it costs to get a listener, a ticket purchaser, and make decisions as to how much to spend scaling those results. We can maintain access to our audience for years, ending the cycle of crossing our fingers that our last publicity stunt hits big.

It’s awesome. I’d love to show you!

Who Are You?

I’m Steve Mann. For the past 7 years my full time gig was label manager for a small indie called File Under: Music. 

Four years ago I hired a digital marketing company that mostly did car ads to market a dozen music videos. There was a lot I didn’t know about digital marketing, and a lot they didn’t understand about the music business. Still, I saw how there was a direct measurable and repeatable results from spending $X to get Y views. 

That experience made me curious and that curiosity has led me to you. Adapter Marketing has been quietly working with a wide range of artists since early 2019, and is looking forward to working with you. There’s a world of pixels, conversion optimization, email automation, and audience data out there, and it’s time to get you plugged in. 

Whether it’s a starter campaign for your first music video, just the media buying on a well oiled machine, or you are looking for a collaborator in plotting out your entire digital strategy for your next release (or even better, starting before) I am here for it!



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