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Streaming Campaigns

We build Facebook/Instagram marketing campaigns with the goal of giving you a long term always on Listener Acquisition machine using your best performing content.

Got a new single you need streams on? Sure, we can do that! But if we discover your last single is WAY better with stronger creative for ads, I won’t shut up til you agree that’s the one to run as well to determine the best bang for your listener acquisition buck. Your “best old song” is perpetually a great new song for those who’ve never heard it!

We manually track Spotify data in order to see long term growth across channels. Here’s a real anonymized data set from a client where you can see our “push your best song” tactics at work. 

Here are 2 examples you can see. Scroll down past the data to see analysis and notes on what’s going on. 

A short term campaign

A long term campaign

Ecommerce and Email

If your Ecommerce shop is a brick and mortar store, than email is your customer service, loyalty program, and sales flyer. Think of all the time and energy spent on Instagram to reach people who may have only ever clicked a like, and how that compares to the attention you spend on those who have literally bought in on their fandom with $$$$. 

With a Shopify you have an AMAZING opportunity to setup a comprehensive automated sales machine, career data dashboard, and fan outreach platform.

We combine past data from email and sales lists, even from Bandcamp, and can even begin modelling customer journeys and lifetime value. It’s a lot, it’s complicated, and almost no one does it well.

Let me take the best practices that almost instantly increased monthly sales on active stores by 2-5% across the roster of a leading merch/shopify provider with email automations, and bring clarity to where your sales come from and where to (and not to) focus your efforts to get more.

That’s not even getting into running merch sales, tour, and general information campaigns with double digit returns on your monthly email fees.

Tour Promo

Digital marketing for touring is a pain in the ass because promoters, agents, and ticket providers are extremely resistant to cooperation and change to implement the best paid digital practices available to them (why will no one SHARE A PIXEL PURCHASE EVENT WITH ME!?).

But there are means of doing this better by leveraging the right data and roll out tools to not only get a better sense of campaign return on ad spend, but also add to your greater customer data ecosystem.

Pushing a tour announcement we can collect actual pre-sale revenue while collecting fan data, which we can leverage to drive sales during the home stretch. 

Release Consulting

With all of the above we tend to get whatever the clients have prepped for roll outs to their familiar playbooks. That means we’ve got imperfect assets doing the best they can retrofitted to their new goals. 

If brought on early, we can advise on creative execution and cross team digital logistics (your label run your website/control your domain name? Woooof…. But we speak the language to make it work), so that your roll out is run with intent and not retrofitted music videos.

What Else?

Tik Tok? Nope, that’s it’s own beast.

Youtube? Yup! Tends not to perform as well as Facebook/Instagram so if your budget is limited I’ll talk you out of it. 

We also offer consulting, so if you aren’t looking at us to sweep in and take care of everything for you we can oversee and support your efforts. 

Sounds good? Then here’s a form for you to fill out so we can get the ball rolling.