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Click To Streaming Campaign

Adapter Marketing uses a combination of ads on Meta Platforms and a custom dashboard made by us to monitor Spotify growth in order to drive long term streaming account growth.

  • Identify your best growth asset for your ad budget in order to accomplish our goal of algorithmic support within 2-3 months on Spotify.
  • Ensure ad results equate to streaming results with our custom Spotify growth dashboard.
  • Provide action plans informed by our detailed analytics and campaign benchmarks.
  • Set a clear plan for how today’s campaigns can serve tomorrow’s releases. Not just streaming, but merch, list building, or touring.
  • The best campaigns can run for 1 year+ before seeing diminishing returns.

Merch Sales Campaign

We use Meta ads to drive traffic into your store. Preferably a store that is enabled to be hooked up directly to your Meta Ads and a Google Analytics account so that we can measure and optimize results based on the specific value of goods attributed to your ads enabling us to report based on your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and cost per sale.

  • Optimize ads towards our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) benchmarks with an eye on Cost Per Sale. ROAS is highly variable but we see from 5 to 10X regularly.
  • Setup and execute Email sales campaigns and where possible store automation flows. Performance is variable in relation to list health but we’ve seen $0.50/recipient results in lists of 3000 – 10000 for merch drops. Abandoned cart sequences typically cover the email platform costs.
  • Integrate historical data within the Klaviyo CRM to not only build your best email and ad targeting audiences, but to reveal who your best customers are, where do they live, and what products do they like? It’s possible to measure the customer journey from a Bandcamp download 5 years ago to a t-shirt sale today.
  • Ensure your sales platform is integrated with your marketing tools in order to measure and optimize results with clear attribution to your ad spend, email, or organic outreach.

Tour Ticketing Campaign

Adapter Marketing uses Meta ads and a custom dashboard to ensure your ticket ads can be correlated with sales. 

  • Measure ticket sales against ad spend to model a rate of sales and cost per ticket sold.
  • Our benchmarks put a cost per ticket sold at less than $7 per ticket. This holds for 200 to 2000 ticket venues, and has been measured on approximately 23,000 tickets sold.
  • Direct total tour budget to most impactful markets.
  • Integrate your existing data from social media engagement, sales, email, and SMS lists into your audience targeting.
  • Manage a whole tour campaign from announcement or swoop in to troubleshoot in the final month.

What Else?

Production & Content Services
Ads, Music videos, lyric videos, social content etc., often require editing, rendering and direction in order to meet required specs for their various usages. Please reach out with your specific needs to discuss.

Yup! Tends not to perform as well as Facebook/Instagram so if your budget is limited we’ll talk you out of it.

Tik Tok
Nope, that’s its own beast.

We also offer consulting, so if you aren’t looking at us to sweep in and take care of everything for you we can oversee and support your efforts.